Live Fresh Palm Beach County Website

Live Fresh Palm Beach County Website Launch

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1,421 individuals and families are homeless on any given day in Palm Beach County


Their Mission

  • Assisting the Homeless

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will select service areas throughout Palm Beach based on critical need and community partnerships with local government, local faith based groups and non-profit organizations that assist the homeless.

  • Provide Showers

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will use it’s premiere mobile showers and personal hygiene facility, to make sure everyone in Palm Beach County has the ability to take a Fresh Shower.

  • Health

    Partnered with Live Fresh Palm Beach County, Genesis Community Health provides comprehensive health care to all, regardless of their ability to pay. Genesis Community Health offers primary care to adults and children, Women’s health/ OB- GYN service, routine check ups, immunizations, diagnostic testing and other services, meeting all your health care needs! Genesis also offers dental services,  HIV & STD counseling and testing,  various health education programs, and health benefits counseling.

  • Personal Hygiene

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will provide access to personal hygiene essentials including: Towel Soap · Shampoo · Conditioner · Toothbrush · Toothpaste · Dental Floss · Mouthwash · Lotion · Sunscreen · Sanitary Napkins (for women) · Condoms.

  • Education

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will provide support and assistance where possible. In doing this, we create a platform for refreshed communities, who generate fresh ideas, and begin embodying the notion that Feeling Revitalized Encourages Sustainable Happiness.

  • Health Services Provided

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County along with Genesis Community Health will provide healthcare by means of their “outreach/ visiting clinics” that brings services to the homeless. These clinics offer various health screenings, HIV Counseling and Testing, and referral services, linking the individual to a primary care facility and overall care with other supporting and partner organizations.


    Kauffs Kompanies and Kauffs Web Design supports The Ribbon Cutting Event for Live Fresh Palm Beach County will take place March 31st at 810 Datura St., West Palm Beach, FL from 10:00-10:30am for the “Ceremony” and 10:30-12:00pm for the “Public Viewing”