Social Media Confusion

Social Media Confusion

The conversation about Social Media Confusion takes place at least once with each client and it goes something like this:

Author: I just don’t get this (Twitter)* junk. *(Insert any social media platform)
Us: Okay, what don’t you understand?
Author: I just don’t get how this is supposed to promote my business. It’s pointless and I don’t want to do it.
Us: Then don’t do it.
Author: Really? I don’t have to?

The easy answer is, of course you don’t have to. But here’s why you may want us to do it for you;

At KAUFF’S Web Design, we eat, breathe, live, and love new media. Social Media Confusion is not a problem. Our expertise lies in creating social media strategies that can help you reach your potential market on all platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, and others. We create on-target content, PPC ads, brand placement, and much more!

We listen, engage, and respond to what is being said online referring to your brand. This allows us to ‘personalize’ our services for your brand, and eventually reach more potential customers while promoting brand loyalty as well.

First, it’s true. Not every social media outlet works for every business. Some may have the bulk of their fans on Facebook or Pinterest. Others may swear by Linked In or Instagram, and those who love Twitter really love Twitter.

But until you actually learn all that each of these engaging social media sites can do, it’s tough to make a fair assessment. So, what we DO have to do as marketers, if we’re going to be smart about our product and services marketing, is give each outlet its due.

Learning ALL an outlet can do is the first step. In example, few understand the power of Linked In and assume it’s all about job networking. We have had more business owners end up favoring this space than any other; their participation in groups has wound up getting them more engagements, sales, and even helped them in other business to business opportunities!

Engaging and interacting in that space is the second step. Then, and only then, is it fair to say this outlet simply doesn’t work for what you write. Other business people, for example, start out despising Twitter and its abbreviated, micro-blogging world, only to discover it’s the fastest way for them to create buzz among their clients. They can have micro-conversations, not take too much time, and still effectively communicate with thousands of clients, all at once!

These business owners become, as you might imagine, instant Twitter devotees and can launch a Twitter chat in less time than it take me to type t-w-i-t-t-e-r.

NOTE: “Engaging and interacting” does not mean shouting, “Look at me, look at me.” Offer links to other sites your readers will like, even other books you’ve enjoyed (then that author is sure to share the love with her readers, and so on and so on…) The more valuable information you can share, the more valuable and authentic you are to your readers.

Giving a site time to work its magic is the third step. Social Media Confusion can make or break a client list. Giving each outlet its due doesn’t mean two weeks, three posts and you’re outta’ there (though we understand the temptation). This isn’t a weekend in Vegas, folks! You can’t take three swipes on a canvas and have a Rembrandt any easier than you can call three chapters a book and the same goes for social media.

When we work with clients on social media, the goal is to explore several spaces over the course of a couple months and share all the tips and tricks that make each space work for other users; how to make the outlets complement each OTHER, and how to actually give each site its fair due.

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