How many more people do you think would know about your business if you were on the front page of every search engine?  Last year, there were almost 3.5 billion Google searches per day, and that number has only grown since.  With people using the internet to find everything these days, how are they going to find you?

Your website placement on search engines could be the difference between the phone ringing, or silence.  The difference between customers walking in, or an empty store.  The difference between growth and revenue, or layoffs and cutbacks.

At Kauffs Web Design and Internet Marketing, We create the most thorough and complete website evaluation in the state with NORTH PALM BEACH SEO.

We start by taking your website’s vitals, just like a visit to the doctor. Are there any errors on your site? Has it been blacklisted by search engines? Is it missing important code or information that search engines need to crawl your site? We’ll find out.

We then delve into every piece of information you need to know to improve your SEO – Which main keywords you should be targeting, where you currently rank on big search engines, who your main competition is, how to better reach your target audience, how many websites link back to yours, and more. Give us a try today – risk free!


What are your current SEO strategies?

NORTH PALM BEACH SEO or Search Engine Optimization without strategy is like running in the dark.  Knowing who you are targeting, how you are targeting them, and what will be effective are key to a successful SEO campaign.  Kauffs Web Design and Internet Marketing has experience with many different types of clients on tons of campaigns, and we know exactly what will work.