Free stuff is always great. Money is a precious thing and it’s important to save!  But if you’re not careful though, you may get tricked into paying a lot of money or getting low-quality hosting web services. Who wants that? If you get hooked by a “discount” provider, your free website hosting services might be under-powered, full of advertisements, very limited or just downright awful. Very often the old saying “you get what you pay for” may prove to be correct.

At KAUFFS WEB DESIGN & INTERNET MARKETING, we only use the best hosting servers available for speed, security and reliability depending on the architecture of the site itself whether it be WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or any other of programming languages available. No more worries about website hacks, no more website downtime, no more slow loading….and no monthly charges for maintenance!


For 2019, Kauffs Web is offering Free Web Hosting for one year with purchase of any website (5 page minimum*)!


*this offer is valid only for new website customers that purchase a website with a minimum of 5 pages or more.


We design and develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating stylish, modern websites, web services and online stores.

Websites need to be more flat and responsive today to make sure they maintain their rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs). This of course involves a combination of things from web design to development, ecommerce to responsiveness, and SEO to SEM. Without the help of these tools, a business cannot leverage the potential of the internet and may as well sacrifice its prospect market to its competitors. KAUFF’s Web Design is the premiere leader of WEB DESIGN SEO SEM SMM IN PALM BEACH FLORIDA.

This is where KAUFF’s Web Design, an online marketing company based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida comes into the picture. With our expertise and tools for website design, e-commerce, mobile applications, social media tools, and marketing strategies, you can perfectly align your business on the internet to increase your website traffic and eventually, potential customers.  Call us today to learn how we can help YOUR business.

Locally Grown Sod Farm and Installation Palm Beach County

GVI Glory Ventures Sod Farm Palm Beach County from Kauff’s on Vimeo.

At Glory Ventures, Inc., you will find the highest quality sod at the lowest wholesale prices. You can pick it up in the field or we can arrange for delivery. We also do installations.

Glory Ventures, Inc. is a family owned company which takes pride in providing excellent quality and service in everything we do. We stand behind our products every step of the way and strive to make sure that each and every customer is satisfied. We grow and harvest our own sod from our farms in South Florida and cut and deliver our sod fresh daily. While we sell our own sod, we can also provide you with any other variety of sod you may want as well as provide you with all of your other landscaping and gardening needs.


5 Major Benefits Of Updating Your Website

Redesigning a website is a big haul, but it’s necessary and vital for your business to grow and flourish online. Here’s 5 Major Benefits Of Updating Your Website that you should consider redesigning your website in the near future, if you haven’t already this year.

1. You Stay Current

There’s a very good reason why websites have evolved from the early 2000’s phase of low-res images, flashing banners, and garish colour combinations (aside from being an affront to every principle of design known to man).
We change. The capacity of our hardware and software has changed drastically in the last few years, and it’s likely to keep on changing at high speed. Because our websites have capable of being better, with more capabilities than ever before in colour display and font, for example, it’s become imperative to stay with current trends and leave yesteryear’s trademarks behind.

2. Greater Business Exposure

It’s a natural expectation among today’s populace that your business should have some kind of web presence. After all, what would be your initial reaction to someone telling you about some new business or product? You’d probably Google it.
And we know now that the static, brochure-style website of yesteryear isn’t going to cut it. A current, interactive presence for your company is needed online, not just for transactions or for high-tier networking, but also for greater visibility for searchers in general. Did we also mention that a fresh website gets a better SEO boost than an older one? Websites that have undergone Search Engine Optimisation stand a better chance at getting found by the people who need you.

3. Greater Sales Opportunities

Okay, so you have your new website. It presents a greater opportunity for people to find you. It also presents a way for you to start marketing your business from the very beginning. As a successful business, you want every asset of your company geared towards furthering your reach, sales, and impact. Your website has the opportunity to function as a digital shopfront, and in accordance with your business, should present a searcher with the ability to learn more about you and become interested in what you have to offer. A solid inbound marketing setup will not only help you to bring interested people to your website, but also keep them there, and convert them into highly invested customers.

4. You Keep Up With How People Buy

Want to know something cool and frightening at the same time? According to CEB, 57% of the purchase decision is complete before a customer calls a supplier. This is a huge game-changer, because it means that without a plan, there’s a whole lot of potential business that you stand to lose. Your online presence should meet the needs of a searcher, and present them with information relevant to where they’re at in the decision-making process, helping them to come to the logical decision that you’re a business worth their time and money.

5. An Updated Website Stimulates Growth

Did you know that a fish will only grow as large as its environment allows it to? In the same way, the growth of your business, particularly if a large portion of it is online, is limited by the capabilities of your website. An updated website will get you more business, expanding your reach and support of visitors, converting them to leads and customers. Incorporating an inbound marketing strategy into your updated website will not only allow you to reach more people, but also capture their attention, converting them into valuable leads and eventually high-quality customers.


At Kauffs Web Design, we can help your business grow by utilizing the following protocols to boost your business:


  • Search Engine Optimization Packages
  • Social Media Management Options
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Secure Web Hosting

and of course, incredibly feature-rich and mind-blowing Website Design….


Kauffs Web Design is a Digital Marketing Agency in Palm Beach Gardens that is a creative firm dedicated to providing exceptional result driven solutions to get your business ahead of the game. Our diverse skill set and experience allows us to tailor our services to meet your business needs.


Give us a call today at 561.775.3278


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KAUFFS Web Design Trends to Try in 2017

KAUFFS Web Design Trends to Try in 2017

Ready to refresh your website? The start of the year is a great time to take a hard look at your existing design – or even new projects – and think about how to incorporate some of the latest trends into the framework.

From functionality to color and typography, 2017 will be a year of new ideas and new visual concepts to explore. Some of those designs are already starting to pop up, providing you with just enough visual inspiration to get off to the right start in the new year.

If you want to get 2017 started off with a kick,  call 561.775.3278 to contact Mark Bennett at KAUFFS WEB today to give your business website look a fresh take.


Web Design Trends 2017

1. Gradients

Web Design Trends 2017

Missing from the design landscape for a few years, gradients are making a major comeback. But the look of the color blurring technique has shifted.

In the last round of gradients, there were subtle variations throughout the design. Apple’s iOS icons were a prime example. Now, gradients are big, bold and use plenty of color.

The most popular usage is a two color gradient overlay on photos. (This technique can look absolutely amazing!) It’s a great option to switch up your look or to make a less-than-interesting photo a little more intriguing. You can also use a gradient background to draw the eye when you don’t have other imagery to work with.

2. Video with Sound


People are becoming more accustomed to watching videos – from short bits of YouTube to movies – on their devices. Websites can mimic this cinematic experience as well with a full-on video with sound display on the homepage. (It does not have to be auto-play to be effective.)

Proceed with caution. Include an option to toggle sound off and on, because not all users will appreciate it. The content needs to be so stellar that users will demand sound as part of the experience. (This is a trend that can be tough to pull off but can work beautifully if you have the right video and sound content combination.)

3. Virtual Reality (Almost)

Health digital transformation

Virtual Reality will likely be the most talked about design element of 2017. With more devices on the market – and at affordable price points – VR is going to be big. Gamers will probably get the most out of VR initially, but it could definitely reach into marketing and other applications.

You’ll need to be ready to design for it. But moreover, you need to be ready to create virtual reality experiences that don’t require a headset. This includes website designs with 360-degree video and other highly interactive experiences with three-dimensional effects.

Anything that takes interaction to the next level will have that VR feel and be perfectly on-trend.

4. Even More Parallax


Parallax scrolling effects were a big trend in 2016 and designers have only gotten cleverer with these mouse-based movements. That trend will continue with more impressive – and fancier parallax effects.

Look for parallax effects that move up, rather than down, and movements that capture a much more layered design. The key to almost every design trend in 2017 is that touch of reality and parallax will be no exception. The more real the movement looks on the screen, the more users will want it.

5. Super Simple Homepages

Vera Wang

More designs will start to strip away the type heavy homepage styles that have been popular for a while. More designers are opting for design that feature only a word or two on the first screen of the design.

And before you worry about SEO, these pages are often packed with plenty of information below the scroll. This is a great example of how user habits are changing web design as a whole. Thanks to plenty of scrolling on mobile websites, users are scrolling more on websites regardless of device. This makes it easier to design a light, airy hero area and pack the design with content on the scroll.

6. New Navigation Patterns

New Wave
West End

Navigation does not have to be glued to the top of the design. From hidden or pop-out styles to navigation on the side or bottom of the pages, it is trendy to move the menu. (As long as the placement is still quite obvious.)

When considering a change to navigation styles, think about user patterns. Is the nav easy to find and does it work in a manner that users will understand intuitively? If so, go for it. If not, rethink the idea.

7. More Tactile Design


Web design is rooted in physical things. It started with Material Design and the development of more tactile planes and layering of objects. This interface trend is expanding to the visuals as well.

Designers are much more rooted in reality. This includes images, rather than illustrations, and plenty of elements that feel like the user can reach out and touch them. The images are more natural as well, featuring elements that are made from materials found in nature and crafted into usable objects.

8. Neutral Color Palettes


Tactile principles will carry over into color palettes as well. While the last two years have been some of the most colorful we have seen in web design that is going to shift to a more natural, neutral set of hues.

Look for more greens, beiges and muted tones in projects. Color palettes will be derived from the natural world and have less of a bold, bright, almost-neon look to them.

9. Wearables Influence the Web

Apple Watch
Samsung Gear
Moto 360

Small design will influence everything else. Very much in the way a mobile-first design mentality has impacted the way all websites work, a wearable-first approach will most specifically impact app design. (You’ll want your app to work on a phone or a watch, right?)

This influence will likely change the look and complexity of some mobile apps. We might see larger typography and more minimal styles emerge. With so many users opting to buy wearables of some sort and wanting those interactions to replicate on other devices, this method of design is destined to happen sooner rather than later.

10. Custom Typography

Tiny giant

Big, bold lettering never goes out of style. It is one of those trends that seems to just get better and better. Thanks to a growing number of web fonts and compatibility, more designers are taking typography risks with more novelty and interesting typefaces.

It’s a win for the design and a win for users that are likely tiring of the same few sans serifs that seem to dominate design projects. From vintage type styles to retro looks to completely custom typefaces, designers need to think about how to add flair with type to create visual interest.

Just keep in mind, cool lettering still needs to be readable. So whether you are pairing it with an image or as stand-alone artwork, make sure users can understand exactly what you are trying to say at a glance.

At KAUFFS WEB If you need proven, reliable and most importantly EXPERIENCED marketing help with launching your business venture, please call 561.775.3278 to contact Mark Bennett at KAUFFS WEB today.



Test Marketing Products Purchase Validity

What is the importance of Test Marketing Products Purchase Validity? A prospective customer called me this morning at KAUFFS Web Design and had concerns about his product selling on the internet and not meeting his hoped expectations. He inquired about possible “test marketing” his product prior to launching a full blown website and campaign.

So how do you know for sure if your idea will be successful or not,  before you begin investing a significant amount of time creating  your product?

Test Marketing Products Purchase Validity

This article will talk about the steps needed to test the market validity of a product to see if it is worthwhile to take the next step and create or promote it to potentially make money.


  1. MAKE SURE A MARKET EXISTS: See if people are interested in what you are offering. If you end up finding out that a market does not exist, you’ve already saved yourself a lot of time.


  1. MAKE A LIST OF YOUR PRODUCTS FEATURES AND BENEFITS: The only thing you should worry about are the product’s features, and the product’s benefits; No, they are not the same thing. I think every entrepreneur struggles at one point in their lives trying to make sense of the difference between the two and describe them properly.


  1. EMAIL MARKETING: In order to convince a person to initiate a buying action, it’s easier if we get them to take a smaller action first. We know this already. This is why we get free samples, why we are encouraged to test drive, and why we want to capture email leads.


  1. OPT IN PAGE: Setting up a properly formatted page to introduce the product and/or services correctly is KEY. You want people interested, not dissuaded. At KAUFFS, we make beautifully engaging graphics to help facilitate the flow process.


For the purpose of testing Test Marketing Products Purchase Validity and our ideas for future online products, if we can’t get people to be interested in what we have to offer and simply sign up for an email list (the small action), then there’s no point in creating the sales page and/or the product itself. If they don’t want to test drive the car, they are not going to buy it. Offering something for “free” or a discount when the product is available is always desirable. A discount in exchange for feedback.

What you finally and most importantly must take into consideration is your target audience and the SEO and marketing already established by the competition. There are literally MILLIONS of websites offering deals, bargains, last-chance offers…What is going to set YOUR product apart from others? What makes it UNIQUE? Without having a paid SEO/SEM/SMM marketing plan your results are going to be small as your competition is massive…even with the testing alone. You must generate an interest in traffic to the website..otherwise there will be no one to test, A niche or innovative idea is best.

A startup website takes years to mature naturally.. There are multiple avenues for testing..some free and some that charge a small fee would be a good way to judge. Forums, clubs, research into specific avenues, social media, email marketing campaigns, video seminars, surveys, freebies. Etc all are important to startups….

If you need proven, reliable and most importantly EXPERIENCED marketing help with launching your business venture, please call 561.775.3278 to contact Mark Bennett at KAUFFS WEB today.



Live Fresh Palm Beach County Website

Live Fresh Palm Beach County Website Launch

Please Visit at http://livefreshpbc.com/

1,421 individuals and families are homeless on any given day in Palm Beach County


Their Mission

  • Assisting the Homeless

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will select service areas throughout Palm Beach based on critical need and community partnerships with local government, local faith based groups and non-profit organizations that assist the homeless.

  • Provide Showers

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will use it’s premiere mobile showers and personal hygiene facility, to make sure everyone in Palm Beach County has the ability to take a Fresh Shower.

  • Health

    Partnered with Live Fresh Palm Beach County, Genesis Community Health provides comprehensive health care to all, regardless of their ability to pay. Genesis Community Health offers primary care to adults and children, Women’s health/ OB- GYN service, routine check ups, immunizations, diagnostic testing and other services, meeting all your health care needs! Genesis also offers dental services,  HIV & STD counseling and testing,  various health education programs, and health benefits counseling.

  • Personal Hygiene

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will provide access to personal hygiene essentials including: Towel Soap · Shampoo · Conditioner · Toothbrush · Toothpaste · Dental Floss · Mouthwash · Lotion · Sunscreen · Sanitary Napkins (for women) · Condoms.

  • Education

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County will provide support and assistance where possible. In doing this, we create a platform for refreshed communities, who generate fresh ideas, and begin embodying the notion that Feeling Revitalized Encourages Sustainable Happiness.

  • Health Services Provided

    Live Fresh Palm Beach County along with Genesis Community Health will provide healthcare by means of their “outreach/ visiting clinics” that brings services to the homeless. These clinics offer various health screenings, HIV Counseling and Testing, and referral services, linking the individual to a primary care facility and overall care with other supporting and partner organizations.


    Kauffs Kompanies and Kauffs Web Design supports The Ribbon Cutting Event for Live Fresh Palm Beach County will take place March 31st at 810 Datura St., West Palm Beach, FL from 10:00-10:30am for the “Ceremony” and 10:30-12:00pm for the “Public Viewing”


WordPress Content Management Systems Palm Beach

WordPress Content Management Systems Palm Beach

What are the benefits of using a content management system and what does it do for Search Engine Optimization? How can Kauffs Web Design use WordPress to enhance your business? Once your website is laid out in a visually appealing manner, Kauffs Web Design will work on optimizing the content on each page. You have a business website and you want it to rank high on various search engines in order to attract traffic. At the same time, you want to communicate effectively with your traffic to make sure they can become potential customers. For that, the content of your website has to be optimized to make it rank higher in Google, Yahoo, and Bing amongst others. Through our CMS, we can help optimize your content through relevant keywords and SEO to make it more appealing to the end user. With a responsive and optimized website, your business can unlock its potential market across computers, smart phones, tablets, and other web supported devices. At Kauffs Web Design, we build comprehensive and scalable WordPress Content Management Systems Palm Beach that allow your business to maximize its website and online presence.

Web Services

• WordPress
• Joomla
• Content Management Systems
• Web Design and Development
• E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Integration
• Membership & Subscriptions Management
• Search Engine Optimization
• Vertical Market Sites
• Social Media Integration
• Custom Social Networking
• Google Analytics
• Site Performance Optimization
• Flash Animation
• Database Intergration
• Search Functions
• Mobile Integration
• Blogs
• Security and Backup Solutions
• Community Driven Content
• Calendars & Events
• Chat & Forum Communities
• Forms with Versatile Functions
• Multi-Browser Compatabilty
• User Management
• Domain Name Registration, Transfers & Renewals
•Wordpress Content Management Systems in Palm Beach

Bullet-Proofing Your Business From The Inevitable Online Reputation Attack

Bullet-Proofing Your Business From The Inevitable Online Reputation Attack

If your business hasn’t yet been hit with an online reputation attack, chances are it will be.

Bullet-Proofing Your Online ReputationYour business may be humming along blissfully doing commerce when it gets hit by the inevitable online reputation attack.

It may come from left field; it may be a very atypical experience for your company. And you may discover you weren’t ready for it. It could be prominent and could immediately start eroding your business’s bottom line.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it almost certainly will. Let me explain why and share how to prepare for it ahead of time so that you can insulate your business and negate the impact.

It Really Could Happen To You

Companies are nearly always in denial until it happens. You think, “We work hard, produce a great product, and we are honest — everyone appreciates that we are a dependable, good business.” But there are many things that are out of your complete control, and this is where uncertainty enters the picture. Always.

Many mistakenly think that if they’re already effectively promoting themselves online, they are simultaneously performing good reputation management. But a good web presence isn’t sufficient to protect you.

When everything’s coming up roses, it seems like you’re golden and can do no wrong. But that’s an incomplete picture of the situation.

Despite great training and optimum customer service policies, a customer will eventually have a bad interaction with one of your employees. Or one of your employees may have an ax to grind. Or someone may just decide they dislike you.

You may just run across a crazy person, or a competitor may choose to increase their sales at your expense. And one of these interactions is going to get broadcast online.

Once the interaction happens, it will stand out like a sore thumb on a popular reviews site, or it will rank near the top of a search results page when people type in your name. Or even worse — someone will create a whole website or blog to vilify you; they’ll post social media status updates that ridicule you; they’ll lambaste you by making a video.

In the worst-case scenario, they might even do all of the above!

How heavily the inevitable impact hits you will depend upon how well you’ve prepared proactively.

Face it, proactive online reputation management (“Proactive ORM”) is rather like taking out business insurance. Pay the price of preparing up front to avoid the greater costs of scrambling to dig yourself out and the lost revenue that could result.

So how does a business perform Proactive ORM?

Proactive ORM Checklist

• Have a website. This one should be the most obvious, of course. Not only should you have a website, but it should be optimized for search engines pretty well. That means some nicely customized Titles on each page, Meta Descriptions, text content on the pages, images, nice link structure and more.

Also, setting the site up on a good content management system (like WordPress) may convey inbuilt advantages. Whereas, if you build it on a terribly bad system, you’ll hamstring your effectiveness in search results.

• Have your business registered in Google My Business, Google+ and Bing Places for Business. While Google+ keeps on being weakened by Google’s inconsistent strategic direction , it’s still pretty influential in search. Google My Local is closely integrated with it and is ideal for local businesses to optimize through.

If you’re not local, you can still build out your Google+ business/brand page. Once it’s built, you should enhance it by posting to it and developing some audience there.

• Have a Facebook page and develop it. Developing it includes good graphics, description and such for the profile, but also developing a following through posting consistently over time and interacting with your followers.

You may try advertising on Facebook to gain followers, if you’re not familiar with other methods.

• Have a Twitter account and develop it. Developing a Twitter account is similar to Facebook. Not only should your profile be designed optimally, but you also need to post consistently, interact with the community and grow your number of followers.

• Develop photo-sharing social accounts, including Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr. There are also others.

• YouTube. Develop your channel page and post a handful of videos. Also consider building your Vimeo and Vine pages similarly.

• Build business profiles in online business directories and internet yellow pages. Some examples: YP.com, Superpages.com, Yellowbook, Yelp and others, including business directories that are specific to your type of business (think of ones like Hotels.com, Lawyers.com, Restaurants.com and the like).

This is not just for “local” businesses! All businesses have business addresses, so at minimum, you ought to be leveraging that to have your headquarters established in online directories.

• Register memberships with local association directories such as your chamber of commerce, business district alliances and the Better Business Bureau. If the association provides members with profile pages that are accessible by search engines, then it may be useful and beneficial for the purpose of Proactive ORM.

• LinkedIn. Your company ought to have its own LinkedIn page, and employees should be encouraged to have LinkedIn profiles/resumes that cite the company name properly and uniformly. This practice creates a small internal network within LinkedIn that indicates a higher relative popularity for the company page than the pages with fewer to no references.

• Publish some mixed-media content. Different stuff may be more or less suitable to different businesses, but nearly all businesses can publish photos on the image-sharing accounts mentioned earlier.

Add to that other things, such as: slideshow presentations, white papers and PDFs, helpful maps of stuff related to your business, infographics and more.

• Write a book. I’ve written in the past about how writing a book helps local search optimization, and that’s still the case; it also helps with general rankings. But beyond those semi-arcane SEO benefits, it helps with reputations because book pages can rank very prominently in search all on their own.

For instance, search for “Moosewood Restaurant,” and you’re likely to see their eponymous cookbook appearing in their first pages of search results from sites like Amazon.com or Google Books.

• Set up a Wikipedia page for your business. I probably shouldn’t include this one, because it comes with many caveats, and it’s really only for experts. You can only get a Wikipedia article if your business qualifies for it — essentially, your company needs to be almost a household name.

If you do qualify, ask someone skilled in the Wikipedia community to set it up for you, and be sure it includes the company logo and significant information.

Naturally, each of the items that is set up needs to be optimized for the keywords — and variations of keywords — that people would be using to search for your business.

Not only your commonly used form of your business name should be optimized for, but perhaps some variations, or even common misspellings, in some cases. Do people type it in correctly, or is a lot of your visitor traffic coming in after searches for your name leaving out spaces and such?

There is certainly a lot more that can be done, but most of the items I’ve listed are the most common things that are implemented by reputation specialists. Even if one has done the bare-bones setup of these elements, chances are that more development can be focused upon each one.

The most common issue I see when clients bring me reputation projects that have already been begun is that a website, a blog or social media profiles will be set up but not published upon consistently and professionally — so no real audience is developed.

So if you have these elements, review them with a critical eye to see if they each need further strengthening to really be of use to you.


Setting all these items up isn’t a guarantee that you’ll fully shield your business when an inevitable attack occurs. But, much like the old medieval castles in the past, it will insulate you somewhat if an attack happens and will likely reduce the seriousness.

It could be the difference between something nasty appearing in the very first position on the page for your name search, or five items instead of just one.

And if your well-developed elements can keep a nasty thing down at the bottom of page one, that’s still generally less visible and, therefore, less damaging than items ranking higher on the page.

So don’t neglect your reputation preparations. This is not an unnecessary expense, and developing most of these things will have some level of benefit to your company’s SEO and overall marketing, too.